Friday 9 February 2018

Top 5 The Most Beautiful Beaches in Abu Dhabi

Do you like the beach? Do you like to spend time playing in the sand, collecting shells or sea glass, sunburn, etc. on the beach? The beach is the choice of many people who want to do recreation. The place is spacious accompanied by white sand and waves must be a very suitable place to gather with family and friends. There are many beautiful beaches around the world. Abu Dhabi, have you ever been there here? There are many beaches in Abu Dhabi that you should know.

There are many beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi, but we will tell you information about the most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi you must visit while traveling to Abu Dhabi.

The most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi

1. Corniche beach, Abu Dhabi

With a beach area of nearly 8km, the Corniche beach is a great beach and makes you have to make a list with lots of things to do on this beach. The Corniche Beach has earned Blue Flag status which means that this beach basically has a clean and safe beach condition. At the Corniche beach, there are about 1,100 free parking spaces covered only five minutes from different entrances on foot. The most popular gate is gate 4. Why? Because near the gate 4 there are many cafes and restaurants. Anyone is free to enter the Corniche beach and there is a lifeguard always standing by there. At the Corniche beach, you will also find some shower and changing facilities as well.

Corniche Beach

In front of the large car park at the Nation Galleria (west of the Corniche beach), you will find a place to play volleyball and a beach football pitch ready for use by you with family or friends who want to do the game while accompanied by beach scenery. Don't worry, this place is free.

Although gate 4 is a popular gate, it doesn't mean that the other gate is just a gate. At gate 2 you will find BAKE, a beach management company, they offer 600 sunbeds and 27 cabanas for this area. For those of you who come to the Corniche beach with family and kids, it's good if you go through gate 3 and see what the facilities that are provided there for you and your family. Coming to the Corniche alone? Go through gate 4. For those of you who want to buy beach equipment, such as swimwear, sunscreen, and snacks, you can pass through gate 2 and gate 6, because at these two gates are available some BAKE stores that sell these items.

2. Saadiyat Public Beach, Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Public Beach, is a beach close to the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, is also one of the beaches in Abu Dhabi that you should visit with friends and family. The beach is open from 8 am until sunset. Saadiyat Public Beach which has a 400-meter wide beach area also has a lifeguard on duty throughout the day. You will feel the facilities of 300 selected sunbeds, towel and locker rental services, and shower and change rooms that are provided by BAKE.

Saadiyat Public Beach

Saadiyat Public Beach gives you a relaxed atmosphere for residents and visitors, also offering some sport and recreation activities in the beach environment. Saadiyat Public Beach is also equipped with the friendly staff and dedicated to giving the best attention to detail and the best service for those of you who want to enjoy time at this memorable beach. Saadiyat Public Beach also provides a bathroom and dressing room, along with sun loungers, towels, and lockers that are rented to make you comfortable while on the beach.

Facilities that you can find at Saadiyat Public Beach are:
Water sports activities such as windsurfing and sailing
There is a weekly beach yoga class
More than 300 sun loungers are available
Rental of towels and lockers
There are a bathroom and dressing room
Beach cafes and shops selling swimwear and sports equipment
200 car parking spaces

This beach has entrance tickets. AED 25 (6.8 US dollars) for adults, AED 15 (the US $ 4) for children over the age of six. For children aged 5 years and under no admission fee. For those of you who want to use umbrellas and sun loungers while at this beach, you will be charged AED 50 (the US $ 13.5) on weekdays and AED 75 (the US $ 20) on weekends and holidays.

3. Al Bateen Beach, Abu Dhabi

The beach is very popular with expats and locals. Al Bateen Beach provides its very calm waters and 800m beach scenery that will give you a relaxing feeling. Because the waters of Al Bateen Beach are calm, this will make you feel attracted to fishing and swimming. Al Bateen Beach is the right choice for those of you who just want to be lazy, enjoy the beach environment without doing anything. Even so, for those of you who like to do activities, this beach also provides facilities such as kayaks or stand paddleboards to play at the sea. As you enjoy on this beach, you can see the Hudariyat Bridge, which leads to Hudariyat Island. Al Bateen Beach provides about 100 car parks and like the other two beaches described above, you will also find some lifeguards on duty at this beach. Al Bateen beach is open from 8 am until sunset. The advantages of this beach are this beach can be entered by anyone for free.

Al Bateen Beach

If you have plans to play on this beach all day, it's good if you bring snack and beverage supplies as there are very few cafes around the hotel on Al Bateen beach. Al Bateen Beach also provides several other facilities such as changing rooms, bathrooms, washrooms and children's playground.

4. Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi

Yas Beach is a beautifully serene antidote to the hustle and bustle of the island’s other attractions. With its white sands, crystal clear waters and natural mangrove surrounds, it’s an idyllically tranquil getaway.From adventures through the mangroves to adrenaline rushing sports, there’s no end to the fun at Yas Beach.

Yas Beach

Get yourself set up on a sun lounger and start soaking up some rays by
overlooking the breathtaking calming beauty of aquamarine waters beyond.
WEEKDAY PASS (Sunday to Thursday) AED 60
WEEKEND PASS (Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays) AED 120
AMENITIES: One beach towel.
Sun lounger and parasol are subject to availability.
Free access to the beach for kids up to the age of 11, when accompanied by their parents
For all Yas Island Hotel guests access to the beach is free upon presentation of the hotel voucher.
Lockers are available for rent.
All prices are in UAE dirhams and inclusive of 5% VAT

Yas Beach offers various types of annual and monthly Memberships to cater to your needs.
Unlimited access to the beach and pool during our standard opening hours.
15% discount on F&B at Yas Beach.
15% discount on general admission (at the gate) at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
15% discount on general admission (at the gate) at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.
10% discount on F&B in Hickory’s Restaurant (Yas Links Golf Club)
Water sports activities and any other services provided by third parties are not included within the membership benefits.


Yas Beach
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
PO Box 148330
+971 2 565 1100
+971 56 242 0435

5. Al Hudayriat Island Beach

Hudayriat bridge onto the island. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police

Remember about the bridge to nowhere? It now takes you to a place called Hudayriat Island. The enormous island is open to the public for FREE a few months back. People can cycle or drive across the suspension bridge. Almost the size of Abu Dhabi's main island in length, there are grand designs to one day make it a leisure and entertainment destination.

It has Amazing Beach
A long stretch of beach opened to the public with loungers and lifeguards on hand.
The whole island is not accessible quite yet, but there are 600 metres of open and combed beach ready to be used. Kids playgrounds near the beach for them to play. Also many foodtruck available near the beach.

So, that's The most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi. There are some excellent beaches in Abu Dhabi and be a great recreation place, but make sure you visit these 5 beaches first as you enjoy your holiday time in Abu Dhabi.

Photos Credit:
Abu Dhabi Police

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