Saturday 3 June 2017

Abu Dhabi New Taxi Fare

Abu Dhabi - From 1 June 2017 the taxi fare in Abu Dhabi has increased. Below is the new taxi fare structure from TransAd.

Day time: 6am-10pm

Starting fare: Dh5 (up from Dh3.5)

Every 1km: Dh1.82 (up from Dh1.60)

Booking through call centre: Dh9 (up from Dh8)

Night: 10pm-6am

Starting fare: Dh5.50 (up from Dh4)

Every 1km: Dh1.82 (up from Dh1.69)

Booking through call centre: Dh10.5 (up from Dh8)

Minimum fare: Dh12 (up from Dh10 only at night)

Every minute of waiting (first 5 minutes free): Dh0.50

The minimum pay out applied for day and night.

Many residents are disappointed with this new fares as they used to use taxi to go to their work place. Now they have to spare more money from their salary for transport. Some of them seem will use the bus as it is must cheaper but bus will take more time to reach to their destination. So they need to adjust with the time. At least they can save a few dirham. While some of them said this increment is fair enough as there is no increment from the past 5 years and it is still much cheaper than the taxi fare in their home country in Europe like in UK.

Abu Dhabi Taxi Facilities

Even though the taxi fare has increased, the government has already increased the facility of TransAd taxi. Like free Wi-Fi inside taxi, video camera installed which very helpful for the passenger to get their belonging back in case they forgot it. Family taxi available with more seat for family and baby car seat will be provide for free if requested. Luxurious Airport taxi also available and easy to get in airport, very comfortable and suitable for family.

How to Book a Taxi

If you book any taxi, they will arrived within 5 minutes. You can book a taxi either by calling their call centre 600 535353. Or from mobile application “Abu Dhabi Taxi” where you can download from Google play store and App store.