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Hafilat Card, Abu Dhabi Smart Card

Hafilat Card, Abu Dhabi Smart Card
Get Smart in Transportation Payment System with Hafilat Card

Hafilat Cards

Starting from Sunday, December 17, 2017, the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi officially activated the operations of its automated payment system with "Hafilat" smart cards in Al Ain. Eleven Ticket Vending Machines (TVM), which enable users to issue and recharge tickets, were installed along with nine Banknote Reloaded (BR) and two Ticket Office Machines (TOM) to sell tickets in the main bus stations. “Hafilat” means “Bus” in Arabic, are smart cards provide special facilities such as storing the monetary value electronically in the T-Purse or using them as weekly or monthly subscriptions. The new payment system ensures accuracy in deducting the bus trip fare based on the distance, and it provides a real-time data and statistics that can be used to improve the planning, analysis, and development of processes and services.

Saeed Al Hameli, Head of Buses and Water Ferries Team, stated that the Automated Payment System is an easy method to use and is initiated in order to keep up with the technological and digital development that are used in the transportation field. In addition, the system offers the latest payment methods that enhance the level of the services provided for bus users.

Where to Buy and Recharge  it

Many Abu Dhabi Visitors and Expats asked for addresses of sale points of Hafilat Smart Card, actually, the card can also be bought from Vending/Recharge Machines installed throughout Abu Dhabi Bus Stations. Buy card from Machines installed at Shopping Malls, Bus stations, Bus Shelter(Specific), Sales Points. Buying from Ticket Offices: There are ticket offices in all major Bus Stations and they provide a wide range of services Such as selling of hafilat cards, hafilat addons, you can also modify personal data of smart cards. If ever you want a card replacement if damage or loss or simply want to obtain card information.

Ticket Office Machines (Vending Machines)

The machines were installed in various locations in Al Ain City like Al Ain International Airport, Al Ain Mall, main bus stations, Al Jimi Mall and Tawam Hospital. The installment of these machines comes in part to enhance the usage of Automated Payment System “Hafilat”.

These Machines issue only temporary and Permanent Hafilat Cards. It can also recharge the card and give bus passes to city travelers. For Payment, you can use coins and banknotes and you can also retrieve change if any. The swift Recharge machines and Fare collection Machines cannot issues card. You can find Bus Ticket Machines one near Al Fala plaza on Muroor road, one near Madinat Zayed mall, Khalifa Bin Zayed The First St – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Mall, Carrefour Near Al Noor hospital, Npcc company lot 7 and industrial area mussafah.

To recharge Hafilat card is pretty much from the same place when you buy the ticket. You can recharge it at sales office in the bus station, use TVM, use swift reloader machine that located at the bus station, several shopping malls, all bus shelters, hospital and from Intercity Driver Console (for intercity bus)

Types of Hafilat Card

    There are two general types of Hafilat Card, Temporary and Permanent Card. Temporary hafilat cards are valid only for a14 day period and available at Bus stations, shopping centers, and all automated ticket machines. Temporary is made from paper. The price is AED 5 excluding pulses. While using this card normal rates apply to you. You can use it for all type of buses.

 Permanent Hafilat Cards are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. It’s a plastic card. For permanent types of card, provided to you several types of it. There are a Personalized card, Special needs card, senior citizens card, and students card. This card color is green. The prize is 10 AED and does not include a pulse, can be recharged up to AED 150. For permanent cards, you can buy them in the ticket office at the bus station but you need to bring ID card and a photograph.

It should be noted also that the DoT provides several automated and easy to use devices that feature English and Arabic in order to purchase tickets and cards or recharge cards via cash or credit card payments. These devices are distributed among the waiting areas at the main bus stations and shopping centers.

Rates and How to Use Hafilat Card

Hafilat card rates divide into three types based on the vehicle type. 2 Dirham for City Bus.
2 dirham + 5 Fils / Km for region bus and for Intercity Bus cost 10 dirham + 10 Fils / Km

Users can use Halifat Card just like when they use Nol Card in Dubai. First thing, when you get on the bus, you must attach your Hafilat card on a machine near the bus door or check-in. The display screen will appear green if you had succeeded and will mark your card accepted. Secondly, When you get off the bus, you have to reattach your Hafilat Card to the same machine or check out. If you had succeeded, the display will turn to green and the balance of your pulse will be displayed. Next step, do not forget to reattach your Hafilat Card when you get off the bus, otherwise, your pulse will keep on debited as the system consider that you keep on using the card. Red display is a sign that your card has expired or invalid or you have insufficient pulses. If this happens, you cannot use the bus facility. For the short time tourists in Abu Dhabi or a maximum of 2 weeks, then Hafilat Temporary Card is a perfect choice. But if you are planning to stay in Abu Dhabi for more than two weeks, the Permanent Hafilat Card is the most suitable card for you.

It’s Simple and Handy
Through using this system, the DoT hopes to raise the level of satisfaction among public bus users and encourage the passengers to commit themselves to paying the public bus fares. The T-purse can be used when traveling on internal or external bus routes.

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