Friday 20 July 2018

Step By Step How To Get Exit Permit For Newborn Babies In Abu Dhabi

Step By Step How To Get Exit Permit For Newborn Babies In Abu Dhabi

If you just give birth to your baby in Abu Dhabi and willing to take the baby back to your home country without processing the resident visa for the baby, you need to get an exit permit for your baby. The exit permit basically called as Infant Departure Permit. After your baby born, he/she entitle to stay without fine for 120 days. In this time, you have enough time to process your baby birth certificate and passport.

Where To Start

The first step is to get the birth certificate of the baby. You can see the step by step HERE. After that you need to apply passport for the baby from your embassy. Once the passport is in your hand, you can start apply for the exit permit.

What are the documents required?

Make this bellow documents ready before heading to immigration or GDRFA Abu Dhabi to get Exit Permit.

1. Original and copy of Passport and visa parents
2. Emirates ID of the Father or sponsor
3. Original and copy of birth certificate of the baby attested by Ministry of Foreign Affair
4. Original passport of the baby
5. Baby Photograph in passport size
6. Request letter from the father for issuing exit permit (sometime they do not ask it)
7. Departure ticket (sometime they do not ask this but only flight detail)
8. Attested Marriage Certificate

Where and How To Apply Exit Permit

You need to go to General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Abu Dhabi. It is located in Al Saada Road Mushrif Area Abu Dhabi. But first of all you must fo to typing centre nearby the building. Go to one of typing centre there and submit your documents.l9 They will give you a form to fill. They will give you paper that you can take and give it to GDRFA. In GDRFA main building, you can

How Much Does It Cost

It will cost you around 200-300 dirham and you will get it in 1 day working day.
Once you get the exit permit, your baby must exit within 7 days. Otherwise you must pay fine for overstay.
Please take a note that the sponsor or the father must be present.

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