Tuesday 6 February 2018

Ferrari World - The world’s First Ferrari-Branded Theme Park

The 86,000m² enclosed area of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with numerous shows and ride makes Ferrari World, one of the Middle East’s leading amusement park. Locate on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was created in tribute to Ferrari’s passion, heritage, excellence, innovation and performance. Each area and attraction in the Park brings to life a different part of the Ferrari story, from Cinema Maranello with its film about Enzo Ferrari to Formula Rossa capturing the speed, power and freedom of a F1™ car. Farah Experiences was determined and passionate to not only showcase the best of the Ferrari brand, but to provide people of all ages with the most thrilling theme park experience in the Middle East.

Ferrari World

Construction of the Park began on 3 November 2007. It took three years to complete and required 12,370 tons of steel to create its structure, nearly double of that needed in the Eiffel tower. The Park has the largest space frame structure ever built.

Intriguing Speed of Fun and Virtual Rides
As the first Ferrari-branded named theme park, we can expect this must be an intriguing ride experience for you and your family. They have family and children type of rides you can choose. For family, you should try a Driving Ferrari Experience, which you can drive a ride of your dreams. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave out a 4-D ride called speed of magic. A journey through a majestic 4D fantasy universe with Nello, a mischievous Ferrari driver. He dares to go where no Ferrari has gone before, and wants you to come along for the ride of your life. Dive into oceans, fly over cliffs and venture into ice caves while simulator technology teases your senses with changes in temperature, moisture, light and movement along the way. This ride must be sound a little cute, but, Tyre Twist is one of the twisting teacup ride you’ll ever try. Jump inside a giant F1™-inspired tyre and get ready to twist. Based on the traditional teacup ride, prepare to slide and collide into your fellow riders as you rotate at speed. With each tyre seating up to five passengers, it’s the perfect way to share some Ferrari fun with family and friends. 

There are many of interactive rides you can experience and it designed to thrill. Whether you crave the intense G-force of world-class roller coasters, want to go-kart race with your family or challenge the best lap times in a state-of-the-art simulator, Ferrari World’s have endless fun for everyone. First, Benno Great Race, the new family ride to race into a magical, oversized world of interactive challenges, amazing special effects and unforgettable characters as you help Benno win the race of a lifetime. Consider yourself a Ferrari expert? Put your Ferrari knowledge to the test and let live hosts put your wisdom through its paces in this racy interactive game show. There are prizes to win if you’re Ferrari wise. And if you’re super smart, you could even be crowned the Fast Lane Champion! 
Now it’s time to check your skill in Race the Yas Marina circuit. Put your racing skills to the test with this state-of-the-art simulator. Take the wheel and try to top the best lap times as you race a variety of Ferraris solo or with a group on the virtual Yas Marina Circuit. Scuderia Challenge will push your F1™ potential to the max. 

YES. Roller Coaster!
What is an amusement park without a classic most favorite feature every park should have. Roller Coaster ride. Plus, in this Ferrari World, you wouldn’t get an ordinary one! Rave the highest roller coaster loop on the planet! Inspired by the legendary ‘ace of aces’ aviator, Count Francesco Baracca, Flying Aces is a roller coaster like no other. Board your military bi-plane and scale 63 metres at a spectacular 51-degree incline. Feel your pulse race as you fly through the world’s highest roller coaster loop and hit speeds of up to 120km/h. 
Or are you into competitiveness of a ride? Race to win! release your competitive streak and race friends on twisting parallel tracks in a Ferrari F430 Spider. The circuit is based on real GT racecourses, so brace yourself for furious hairpin turns and exhilarating straights as you reach speeds of up to 95km/h. Will you out-manoeuvre and roar past your competing car in the frenzied sprint to the finish? There can only be one winner.

There is nothing like, Formula Rossa. Go faster than a F1™ car! Strap in, put your goggles on and prepare to be blasted 240km/h in 4.9 seconds on the world’s fastest roller coaster. After scaling heart-racing heights of 52 metres and with the adrenalin rush of 4.8Gs riding high, you’ll cross the finish feeling like a true Scuderia Ferrari champion.

Junior Rides and Children Activities
Keep your children captivated with our fun rides and experiences designed for young ones. Junior Pilotas start your GT engines! You’re kid’s driving education is only a few steps away. Junior GT is the first experience the Ferrari Driving School has to offer. After watching an educational film, the aspiring Gran Turismo, pilotas will receive instruction from trained experts. Then it’s time for them to get on the road and behind the wheel of a fun-sized 430 GT Spider. There is also this amazing racing school for kids. As the second component of the Ferrari Driving School. After watching a Junior Grand Prix educational film, kids will receive instructions from the trained experts before getting behind the wheel to pilot a perfectly scaled-down Ferrari F1™ racer. Junior Pilotas hone their racing skills along a challenging course of hairpin turns and straights, hugging the tracks like true F1™ drivers. They’ll live the dream that many long for their entire life.

Playtime for small racers in Khalil’s Car Wash. This interactive play area has lots of fun for little ones and toddlers. They can climb the grandstand, slide down the carwash and let their driving imagination run wild with remote control Ferraris and pedal cars.

Shop and Dining Experience
After all the amazing rides and features, you might want to bring home some great souvenirs! Purchase a special Ferrari gift for a family member or friend? Our unique shopping experiences will entice your eyes with all the latest Ferrari fashion and memorabilia. Take a piece of Ferrari history home with you. Browse an impressive collection of Ferrari products at our two stores. From a fun toy car ‘pick and mix’ in the Ferrari Past & Present store, to a range of sleek Italian fashion, jewellery and accessories in the adjoining Ferrari Store.

For culinary experience, they have many choices to feast yourself happy. Dine in style at one of the five restaurants, and be transported to Ferrari’s Italian homeland with warm hospitality, delicious snacks and authentic cuisine! Whether you crave a quick bite on the go or a leisurely lunch in an Italian trattoria, there’s a dining experience to delight every taste.
You can come to Il Podio, a Food stations and show grills serve everything from Arabic to Indian and Western plates, including shawarma, rotisserie chicken, chicken tikka masala and a mountain of sweet treats for the finish line. What about this open-air trattoria is named in honour of the real Mamma Rossella, whose restaurant in Maranello is a firm favourite with Ferrari drivers and the Ferrari management team alike. Famed for its delicious menu of fresh pastas and pizzas fired in a traditional wood-burning oven, Mamma Rossella was proud to be crowned Favourite Italian Restaurant of the year at the 2015.
For quick bites and cup of coffee and sweets, you can visit this sleek, cosmopolitan café has all the ambiance of an authentic Italian coffee bar, Espresso Rosso. As a rapid refreshments, Officers Food Quarters is the perfect grazing ground for those that want to grab a quick bite and rush back to their favourites rides for more thrills. Be it a scrumptious burger, sizzling pizza, fresh salad, sandwich or a meaty Mediterranean Shawarma.

Do Prepare Your Time and Book in Advance
As this visit to Ferrari World contain wide range of timed activities, do plan your visit, management of time and schedule in advance before you go there with your family. So you won’t be wasting time for queue or anything like that. Remember that they are open everyday from 11AM until 8 PM.

If you don't know how to go there, you can read here.
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One thing for sure, you have to schedule a day or two of Ferrari World visit next time you come to Abu Dhabi and prove the excellence of experience by yourself!

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