Sunday 1 February 2015

The Best Park And Zoo In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi environment is very friendly for kids and family. So that is why Abu Dhabi has so many park and zoo. If you are looking for swings, climbing frames and slides for the tiny tots, there are a number of parks within the city like Al Nahyan Garden, Electra Park, Capital Garden and Urban and Lake Park. Al Khalidiya and Al Mushrif Gardens are considered the larger and more popular ones among local residents. 

Umm Al Emarat Park

Here are the best park and zoo in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre

The centre is open for educational visits and can be contacted through its website. Call ahead for the exact location, as it can be a little tricky to find. On Abu Dhabi Mussafah Al Ain Truck Road.
Timings: 9am-5pm (Sat to Wed)
Ussually closed in summer
Entry fee for adults: AED 45.00 and for children under 12: AED 35.00 for an one hour guided tour. 
Contact number : 056 491 2628

Arabian Wildlife Park

On Sir Bani Yas Island is an Arabian Arabian Wildlife Park covers just over half of the island to assist with breeding and rehabilitation as well as offering a welcoming environment for thousands of animals to roam freely.

Stretching across 1,400 hectares of land, our breathtaking Park is home to many diverse members of the animal kingdom, ranging from the cute Arabian Rock Hyrax to the cheeky Ostrich, the beautiful Beisa Oryx and graceful Giraffe to the secretive scavenger, the Striped Hyena.

Location: Sir Bani Yas Island, Jebel Dhanna 
Telephone: +971 2 801 5400

Umm Al Emarat Park

Formerly called Al Mushrif Central Park. Umm Al Emarat Park has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag following a successful year since reopening on March 19, 2015. The Park is recognised for its stellar international standard for green spaces and parks and is a strong indication of the parks success in positioning itself as a leading community destination with growing popularity.

This large park has Botanical Garden inside Shade House, Children's park where the animal barn and petting zoo are inside there. Wisdom Garden to honours the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May he rest in peace), Founding Father of the Nation and first President of the UAE. Here you will see unforgettable quotes about the UAE and protection of the country’s heritage and natural history. Amphitheatre, Great Lawn and Evening Garden also there to make the park more beautiful and perfect for family time.

Playground equipment also there like swings, slides, fountains and trains. There are restaurants and cafe too here.
This park located at 15th Street between Airport Road and Karamah Street. And have huge parking space.
It is not allowed to bring foods from outside. There is security in the gate who will check your bags. But they will leave baby's bag and lady's hand bag.

Open daily from 8am to 12am.

General admission for the park is AED 5. 
Children below the age of 3 will enter for free.

Tourist Club Park

It contains large areas for sitting and relaxation, in addition to various spaces for childrens to play like swings, slides, mary go around, a modern basketball court and a mosque to serve park visitors.  Many of visitor doing yoga or jogging in the morning and evening.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 
8:00: am - 10:00 pm 
Thursday to Saturday: 
8:00: am - 11:00 pm

Entry fee AED 1 and free for children below ten years of age

Al Nahyan Garden

This well-maintained and compact park near the Sheraton Khalidiya ensures your little ones can’t get up to too much trouble. Simple play equipment helps the kids let off steam. Open 24/7. Located on Sheikh Zayed the 1st St, Al Khalidiyah 

Capital Gardens 

Called as Al Asema Park also. This park had been upgraded in 2015, is a welcome patch of green in the middle of the city. Each little garden cove has a small selection of climbing frames, swings, slides and stunning fountains. A separate area for sports has a basketball court and football nets. In addition, landscaping works were undertaken to plant locally growing trees.

Opening Hours
Thursday to Saturday 8AM–11PM
Sunday to Wednesday 8AM–10PM
Entri Fee: 1 Dirham

Located opposite NBAD (National Band of Abu Dhabi), Al Markaziyah 

Khalidiyah Garden

This large park is has a variety of play areas, with equipment for toddlers and older children. Its lovely grassy areas are great for picnics, with a number of large trees providing shade. There are several fountains in the park, which cheer visitors up. It contains various modern shaded playgrounds, a fenced football playground in addition to large areas for sitting and relaxation, gifts kiosks, a cafeteria, and a branch of Abu Dhabi Cooperation Society to serve park visitors.

Opening Hours
Sunday to Wednesday 8.00 am - 10.00 pm
Thursday to Saturday 8.00 am - 11.00 pm. 

Entry feeAED 1 and free for children below ten years of age

Located at the junction of Street No. 7 (Zayed I) and the Arabian Gulf Street, Al Khalidiyah

Khalifa Park 

This is one of the city’s larger parks and a major landmark. Inspiration for the gardens has been drawn from Arabic and Islamic architecture and from the world’s great gardens. It has canals, fountains, lakes and waterfalls. A miniature railway offers regular train tours. With play equipment for children, picnic facilities and an outdoor auditorium, it’s a popular spot in the cooler evenings and during weekends. There are several fountains in the park to cheer the visitors up. There are large areas for sitting and relaxation, various spaces for children's modern games in addition to motorcycling & bicycling areas, a large football playground. It also contains Marjan Splash Park, which is affiliated to the park and designated for children under 12. There is also Abu Dhabi History Museum, an aquarium, a train to tour the park, a public library for reading and other activities, in addition to the barbecue site and a large mosque for men and women to serve park visitors.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 
3:00: pm - 10:00 pm 
Thursday to Saturday: 
10:00: am - 11:00 pm

Entry fee AED 1 and free for children below ten years of age

Located opposite Al Qurum Corniche - Al Salam Street

Emirates Park Zoo

The Zoo has big shaded areas as well as our new Emirates Park Zoo Wildlife which is fully air-conditioned to accommodate all visitors during the summer period.

Open every day of the year, including all holidays.

Emirates Park Zoo timings will stay the same throughout the summer:

Sunday - Wednesday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday - Saturday & Public Holidays: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Emirates Park Zoo is 45 minutes by car from Dubai, and a 30-minute drive from Abu Dhabi city centre, making it an ideal destination for families making a weekend trip, or a stop-off point between the two cities, where the entire family can enjoy an entertaining and educational visit.

Directions from the NORTH (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman etc...): From Sheikh Zayed Road (E11 ), take Al Bahia exit and follow the signs. 

Parking is free.

Public transportation:
Abu Dhabi’s modern air-conditioned buses operate round-the-clock.

- Service number (200): Extended to Al Raha Hospital via Al Bahya, Deerfield Mall and Abu Dhabi City Municipality - Al Shahama Centre. This service is available  every hour 24-hours a day

- Service number (202): Rerouted via Al Bahya and Deerfield Mall

- Service number (203): Rerouted via Al Bahya and Deerfield Mall

- Service number (210): Extended to Emirates Driving Company, rerouted via Al Bahya, Emirates Park Zoo and Deerfield Mall

- Service number (218): Rerouted via Al Bahya, Emirates Park Zoo and Deerfield Mall

Zoo Entrance: 
Single 1-Day Pass
Adult - 30 AED
Child (2 – 5 Years) - 20 AED
Child (Under 2) - Free

The Best And Amazing Public Library In Abu Dhabi

The price of books in UAE is not cheap. It must be pain for you to buy books if you love reading. And in this case you must need library to conduct your hobbit of reading without spending too much money. Or may be you need to do some work with your own books or laptop in quite place. Or just to study and doing your homework. Whatever it is, you need a place called library.

In Abu Dhabi, there are several good library for you to go with free access and even free WiFi. Take a look at this below:

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Library

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Library

Yes, here everything is about Islam. The collections are about basic or major knowledge resources and references related to Islamic history, architecture, art, sciences and even diverse documents regarding how Islamic civilization is perceived by others.

Their collections currently about 7000 books. Excluding over 100 rare book titles of historical value, predominately on the history and antiquities of Islamic Architecture in the Middle East, the Indian Peninsula, Spain and Persia.

They have free computer with internet connection to use for public. Or you can bring your own laptop. There is Wi-Fi here. Very comfortable place and quite to study or just reading.

How To Borrow The Books
You need to register yourself there using your Emirates ID. It's Free. You will get ID Card from them.

You, as a public user can borrow maximum 3 books for 15 days and renewable once for another 15 days. You can bring back the books to Circulation Desk for renewal or by giving them a call to 02-4191919 during working hours and provide your ID Card number.
If you lost the books, you will be charge for that. The cost will be decide by Circulation Staff.

The library is located inside the northern minaret of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the third floor. Parking place is very huge too.

Working Hours:
From Sunday to Thursday : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Friday and Saturday Closed

And during Ramadan usually they will close at 2.00 PM.

Contact Information
E-mail: Submit a Quick Question, and a Librarian will answer you by e-mail-

Phone: Call at a Reference Desk during the library hours at 02 - 4191919 or send a fax at 02 - 4416446

In-Person: Visit the Reference Desk during the library hours.

2. Al Bahia Library

Al Bahia Library

A place to find books for children and young adults. Located in Abu Dhabi city, Al Bahia Library is set in the picturesque surroundings of Emirates Park in Al Bahia. Home to 30,000 books, the library offers an ideal environment for browsing and reading books, especially for children and young people. 

The Main Hall has the largest collection of books, reading spaces and computers. It contains an offering of Arabic and English periodicals.

The Children’s Library is a major attraction. In addition to a large collection of books for children and young adults, the library offers schools visits, reading promotion activities and programs for children and adults. It has free Wi-Fi.

2nd St, Al-Bahia Park,
Al Shahama - Abu Dhabi

Near to Deerfield Mall

Opening Hours
Daily 9AM - 8PM

Contact information
02 657 6074

3. Mazyad Mall Library

Mazyad Mall Library

Opened in 2012, the library has more than 30,000 titles, including 2,000 books for children. In addition, the library offers free Wi-Fi, computers with internet, book lending services, organized school visits, programs for children and adults, and outreach activities for community groups and organizations. The library has a “self check-out” feature that lets users check out books by using a computer, rather than checking out with a librarian.

its free registration you just need emirates ID to register yourself if not you can just go to access library as guest visitor.

79th St, Mohammed bin Zayed City, Mazyad Mall - Abu Dhabi 

Daily 8AM - 8PM 


4. Khalifa Park Library

Khalifa Park Library

Located in a beautiful park setting, Khalifa Park Library in Abu Dhabi offers a vast collection of general and specialized books, including a sizable Children’s Library and a significant collection of rare books and theses for masters and doctoral studies. The library is one of the largest in Abu Dhabi, both in terms of the number of books in its collection and the abundant space it offers.

The Children’s Library, located in its own annex, has 10,000 books, a Reading Hall and a Computer Corner. The library hosts book signings, art displays, storytelling sessions for children, and events marking National Day and the start of the school year. It has A section for French books in the Children’s Library has more than 400 books and dictionaries.

The children library located on one side of the water fountain and adults on the other. Have to request to join online from what I remember but they are very helpful and am sure will advise.  

The Thesis Hall in the main library has a collection of 2,000 dissertations on topics related to countries in the region. They have been gifted by universities and international research centers. The Rare Books Hall includes 1,900 titles in Arabic and other languages, primarily rare and valuable books. The Emirates and Gulf Books Collection contains more than 21,000 books on numerous topics related to the United Arab Emirates and other Arabian Gulf countries. The library’s public section has 30,000 books, with a separate area for periodicals. The Reading Hall has a collection of science and reference books.

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St,
Khalifa Park - Abu Dhabi

Inside Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours

Daily 8AM - 8PM

Contact information
02 657 6024

5. Al Marfa Library

Al Marfa Library

This is A special library For Children and Scholars. A special library that engages children as much as it does academics and researchers. The Al Marfa Library collection covers a wide range of subjects – beginning with children’s books and extending to specialized books for researchers and academics, including a special collection on the oil and gas industry. More than 20,000 books are arranged across three reading halls and a children’s library.

The children’s library offers a wide range of books, especially for children 5 to 12 years old, and an Activity Room for storytelling, puppet shows and movies.

One of the library’s highlights is a section for research-oriented books on religion, politics and other specialized subjects. Another section is dedicated to the recently published books, about 2,000 in all.
The Study Room offers a quiet space with a number of Arabic and English periodicals and popular magazines. The Computer Corner provides access to computers with internet connectivity. The library assists visitors in using library indexes and subject-specific reference material

Ghweifat International Highway, New Al Marfa,
Al Mirfa - Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours
Daily 8AM - 8PM

Contact information
02 657 6014