Thursday 8 February 2018

New Mobile Payment Method To Pay Parking In Abu Dhabi

From 28 January 2018, you can pay your parking fees from Abu Dhabi through your mobile phones without the need to register with Mawaqif. It does not matter whether you have Dubai plate number or any other emirates plate number, you can pay your parking in Abu Dhabi from your mobile by SMS with new code. This method is very easy and convenience when you do not have coin to pay parking or prepaid card. The old SMS method is still working for now until further announcement from Mawaqif. 

Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles code has been changed from RED to AUH. And also now you can type S for Standard Parking (Dh2 for one-hour parking) and P for Premium Parking (Dh3 for one-hour parking). So, the new format to pay your parking through SMS is: city code, plate category, space, plate number, space, S or P, space, and duration in hours. Then you can send the SMS to 3009.

See the picture below:

So the SMS code if your car is having Abu Dhabi plate number according to the picture is AUH10 00000 S 1

AUH : Abu Dhabi code
10: your car category number
00000 : your car plate number
S : Standard parking bays. If it's Premium then change the “S” with “P”.
1 : one hour or duration of parking. If you want to park for 3 hours then change 1 with 3.

Below are the example of SMS code for other emirates too. Don't forget to send it to 3009.
Abu Dhabi — AUH10 00000 S 1
Dubai — DXBA 00000 S 1
Sharjah — SHJ1 00000 S 1
Ajman — AJMB 00000 S 1
Umm Al Quwain — UAQC 00000 S 1
Ras Al Khaimah — RAKN 00000 S 1
Fujairah — FUJS 00000 S 1

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