Sunday 11 February 2018

Admire The Luxurious Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Holiday to Abu Dhabi certainly can't be separated from our curiosity about the grandeur of one of the very famous hotels in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace. This hotel, located at the westernmost tip of the Corniche, is surrounded by vast grounds and with its own private beach and large and extensive harbor. 

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

With its impressive building appearance, Emirates Palace has a spacious common area of hotels and has comfortable and neat of rooms, bars and restaurants. Of course, because Emirates Palace is a very spacious hotel and used as a tourist attraction and show for local art, theater and film, they have a lot of staff.

About Emirates Palace
Emirates Palace is a luxury hotel that became one of Abu Dhabi's icon. There are 394 residences, including 92 suites and 22 residential suites at Emirates Palace. Emirates Palace combines the Arab splendor with the latest technology to create a magical and memorable experience when you visit there. During the day, you will enjoy the hotel's golden color like sand, which contrasts with the fresh green garden, the silvery fountain, the blue sky that produces a very comfortable blend for viewing. In the evenings, Emirates Palace will present an eye-catching view of the main dome resulting from the hotel's lighting that changes softly that features a rainbow effect.

Emirates Palace main palace spans more than a kilometer from the wings to the other wings, and the gardens and surrounding areas are spread over 100 hectares. Emirates Palace is equipped with 114 domes. The dome is standing at an altitude of 72.6 meters above ground level. The interior of the Emirates Palace is filled with gold, mother of pearls and crystal that make this hotel look very grand. In addition to all that, Emirates Palace has 1,002 chandeliers, the largest weighing 2.5 tons. When you visit the Emirates Palace, you will never forget the two hand-made carpets, which depict the Palace itself and each one weighs a ton.

Emirates Palace certainly offers a dream place to enjoy award-winning five-star award and authentic local experience. From 394 luxurious rooms and suites to the award-winning culinary cuisine, Emirates Palace is an unrivaled definition of Arab splendor.

The Emirates Palace building was designed by Wimberly Allison Tong and Goo (WATG). As you look at the design of this hotel, you will see a mix of traditional Arabic elements such as the large dome and 114 small domes scattered in the building. The Emirates Palace's golden color aims to reflect the different nuances of sand found in the Arabian Desert. The construction of this hotel began in December 2001, Depa Interiors sent works of interior fit-out, until finally, the hotel opened its gates in February 2005. Emirates Palace's construction cost spent about 3 billion USD (11.02 billion AED), thus making it the third most expensive hotel that ever built. There are several options for those of you who want to go to Emirates Palace, by sea, by limousine or helicopter, or with Seaplanes with Seawings.

When you stay at the Emirate Palace, you will find staff dressed in gold-plated tailcoats that calmly escort you to your room and gently show the facilities of this hotel. Emirates Palace has facilities such as:
Fitness center
Children's club
Swimming pool
Room service
Steam room / hammam
Tennis court

Rooms at Emirates Palace
Emirate Palace offers beautiful and romantic but not outstanding standard rooms. Bathrooms owned by Emirates Palace are fitted with beautiful marble and have a view to the bedroom, which in turn has views over the arched balcony. Other facilities provided by this hotel in the rooms are large televisions and large beds with pillows and satin sheets that make you sleep well. If you book a more luxurious suite, the price can be up to 20 times more than a standard room, depending on size.

The unique restaurant in Emirates Palace
The restaurant owned by Emirates Palace hotel is different from the restaurant owned by other hotels. Emirates Palace has a separate restaurant with its own characteristics.
Diwan L'Auberge is an unpretentious Lebanese restaurant.
Le Vendome is designed based on affair inspired by Art Deco that serving breakfast buffet Bacchanalian.
Hakkasan is an Emirates Palace restaurant located within the Michelin starred restaurant group. Especially for Hakkasan, this restaurant has a separate entrance and terrace, equipped with a very stylish interior.

Security of the hotel
You also do not have to doubt the security at the Emirates Palace is very impressive. At every door, there is always a security guard who standby and ready to serve you. As a hotel guest, do not be surprised if when you want to go to the pool or beach, you will be asked to show the room key. This is done because only hotel guests can use hotel facilities such as beach and swimming pool. When you stay at Emirates Palace, you will always feel safe because you need a key to enter the corridor with the room.

Activities at Emirates Palace
Besides enjoying the various facilities that Emirates Palace provides, basically this hotel is a busy hotel. Why? In addition to staying at this hotel, many people come to visit the palace either for afternoon tea or just a walk. If you just want to visit this hotel (non-hotel guest), you can only get to Emirates Palace after 11:00, so before that time, hotel atmosphere is very quiet and peaceful. After the time to visit the hotel come, the hotel lobby and cafe where you can enjoy lunch, drinks, or afternoon tea will be very busy.

Where is Emirates Palace Located
Strategically located, Emirate Palace is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, and is just 40 minutes from the airport. Emirates Palace chose the perfect location, from having a pure 1.3 km beach, landscaped pool and private marina overlooking the natural bay. For you, true traveler, Emirates Palace is perfect for a lifetime holiday or for an impressive event and meeting and has some of the city's largest hotel conference centers.

How to Get Here
Emirates Palace location is very convinience. It can be reach by bus, car or taxi. So you need not to worry about the transport.

So, when you go to Abu Dhabi try to enjoy the grandeur and magnificent views of the Emirates Palace.

Photo Credit: kempinski

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