Saturday 10 March 2018

How to get UAE driving license in Dubai

Be a part of seven constituent emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an important and amazing global city that have veto power in Federal Supreme Council to over critical matters. Dubai has business hub of Middle East so this city has so many transport for export-import also for tourist and passenger.

UAE Driving Licence

As one of the modern city in the world, Dubai becomes iconic with the attraction, industry, also expensive city in the world so this city has so many public transportations for citizen, residents or tourist. Although Dubai has several public transportations for tourist, or resident or citizen but drive with ownself still more cozy. This way is more efficient than if you use public transportations because you can go wherever also whenever you want. For resident that have job in Dubai for a while, this solution can be so greatful. But who residents that have qualifies to transferred their driving license?

You can get UAE driving license without taking a course or do some training if you are a citizen of these countries in these continent below : 
1. Africa : South Africa
2. America : Canada, United States
For citizens of Canada, you only need a letter from Canadian Consulate in Dubai to verify that your license is required and still valid. 
3. Asia : Bahrain, Canada,  Japan, Kuwait, Oman, South Korea, Turkey and Qatar
You have to translate your driving license if you are a citizen of Japan, South Korea and Turkey. 
4. Australia and Oceania : Australia, New Zealand
5. Europe : Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The Government of UAE need the translation version of your international driving licence if you're citizen of Cyprus, Greese and Poland. But, for citizen who are coming from GCC country such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, you still have to take some theory lectures, RTA knowledge test, the road test and parking test. Furthermore, if you're not citizen from all countries in the above list, you have to take training in Dubai to get your new UAE driving license. 

Some documents that you must prepare to convert your driving license are given below :
1. Arabic translation of your driving licence
2. Valid Dubai residency visa
3. Emirates ID
4. Copy and original passport 
5. Passport photo
6. Letter no objection from your visa sponsor or your employer

After you have all those documents, you must to get an eye test in any clinics or hospitals. Then, bring all your complete documents to Dubai Traffic Department Driving License Section in Al Ghusais. You can enter to the building from 7.30 am until 14.30 am on a working day. If you're women, you should go to the women section. Remember to fill up all the application form and submit all your documents. Furthermore, take signed documents and pay fee AED 360 to the cashier to processing your driving licence. The next step is submit all your documents at Data Entry Counter and soon your name will be called out to take your photograph. You have to wait in a few minutes later until finally you'll receive your driving licence. After that, you're welcome to get on Dubai road and any other Emirates.

But, what if you're not the citizen of those countries that mention above?
There are many stories about how difficult to get UAE driving license in Dubai. Some people aka residents can get their driving license after 5th, 9th or 11th attempt practice test. People in Dubai or UAE for generally are stricter to follow the rules. This is good manner and attitude for obey the rules and keep safe in road. So, if you want to get driving license, you must do these steps below.

1. Take course on driving schools
Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) is the most successful and the largest driving schools in Dubai that can help you to understand more about traffic roads in Dubai. This institute provides training courses of 1000 different vehicles, like motor cycle, car (light motor vehicle), shovel and etc. This institute also has more than 1000 qualified instructor who come from different nationalities so you can learn easier from them. 
2. Sit a theory test
There are 35 questions in total in this test such as about hazards, safety and road signs. 17 questions first for general traffic situations and you must answer the least of 11 correct, 18 questions about driving license and correctly answer least of 12, and the rest for the others topic. 
3. Do pre-evaluation test
Emirates Driving Company will book your test after your instructor give "certificate of readiness" to you on your pre-evaluation test. In addition, you can begin your practical training. If you don't have any driving licence yet from any country, you have to register for 40 classes training. If you have licence with two until five years old, you have to take 30 classes. But, if you are student that has country's driving licence more than five years old, you only take 20 classes. After your practical training finish, you have to book your parking and assessment test. In addition, you must be remember about your training before road test.
4. Road test
On the D-day for road test, remember to bring your documents, passport, and two photos for your RTA licence section. You must show your skills to inspector among the other candidates. You only have a few minutes to prove your driving skills. 
6. Take approval paper
If you pass, you can take your approval paper from your inspector. But, if you fail, you have to register again to your driving school and take a new road test. 
6. Submit your suitable ID and pay
Don't forget to fill up all empty options on an application form and send your pay AED 100. 
7. Collect the test file
8. Submit file into Control Counter
9. Pay the required fee
After all processing are success, you must be pay for the required fee. Wait for a few minutes, finally you'll receive your driving license
10. Take proof of completion

Your UAE Driving License valid for 5 years.

Congratulations! Now, you eligible to go to wherever you want in UAE. Enjoy your freedom!

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