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How to get UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi

Generally, there are two important points that you must have to get UAE driving license. First, your age must be over 18 years old and second, your residency visa which registered in UAE are still valid.

Emirates driving company

How to get UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi as the largest emirates among seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates has high economy income so now this city transformed into one of metropolis city in the world. Furthermore, as the capital of the United Arab Emirates and Emirate of Abu Dhabi, this city is the center of industrial activities. Many residents and workers stay in Abu Dhabi. This conditions will be affected to public transportations in this city. Maybe if you are a citizen of Abu Dhabi, you can get your driving licence easier than residents. So, if you are residents who stay and need to work in Abu Dhabi for a long duration of time, there are two conditions that you must remember. First, you don't have any license at all. Second, if you have an international license but you want to hit the roads in UAE, example in Abu Dhabi so you must have an Abu Dhabi driving license.

How to get UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi if one of you have one of those two conditions? You must take a look deep into this article.

A. No Driving License
If you have no driving license at all, there are some steps to get driving licence.

1. Go to Emirates Driving Company
This company is located in at 17th street, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, near Dalma Mall. You can contact or at look to its website,

2. Take a Course 
There is one important thing to do if you don't have any experiences about driving test. Learn a driving file for theoretical courses! In other words, you must to sit down for practice theory test first. After you come in to Emirates Driving Company and say that you have no driving license, they will give you a driving file to participate in course and theory test. You must prepare AED 830 for the light vehicle education and AED 50 for the theory test. If you're busy person and don't have much time to do all the course, you can offer more intensive course but you must prepare an extra fee AED 100. There are eight lessons that you must know in this course. 
First : Road markings, road signs and traffic rules
Second : Inside city limits
Third : Outside city limits
Fourth : Driving your vehicle under difficult conditions
Fifth : Critical situations
Sixth : Road manners and driving behaviour
Seventh: Knowledge about vehicle
Eighth : Safety

3. Sit a theoretical test over a two-hour in class
Some tips will help you to support theory test. First, you must read the handbook carefully. Second, practice theory test on some mobile apps. It will be very helpfully for you.Third, practice traffic sign test. Fourth, don't forget about common road signs.

4. Obtain learning permit
After you complete the theory course, you can test your knowledge. If you pass, you'll be obtained a learning permit. At this moment, you can start your practical lessons on the road.

5. Practical lessons
On this step, you can put all theories that you get into practical driving. Remember that you must take the lesson dependent on your ability. There are three levels drivers that you must remember because every driver has different practice lesson.
For advanced driving students, you have ten hours practice the lesson
For intermediate learners, you have twenty hours practice the lesson
For beginners, you have thirty hours practice the lesson

6. Practical Test
Some tips will be very helpfully for your practical road test. Take a look below!
Give a good look and impression as you look like you're busy person
Obey your examiner whatever he says
Don't ever try to wear sunglasses
Remember the basic steps, such as fasten seat belt and adjust mirror and seat
Keep 3 seconds at the "STOP" sign
Keep stay in stable speed
Safe a distance with the other car
Don't ever park in front of any bus stop, gate or entrance, if your examiners asks you to park

7. Take approval paper
If you pass, you can take your approval paper from your inspector. But, if you fail, you have to register again to your driving school and take a new road practical test. 

8. Take proof of completion
After pass all steps, finally you can take your proof of your completion aka certificate in Abu Dhabi Driver's License Department, 2nd Al Dhafra Street, Al Mushrif. 

B. Have International License
What if you have an international driving license?
The first thing you know is that you must have an Abu Dhabi driving license no matter what. So, The United Arab Emirates Government give good solution for you. You can convert your international license into UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi.

Several steps to get UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi for you who have international license are given below.

1. Prepare all documents
There are several documents that you have to prepare for transferred your license. 
Emirates ID
Abu Dhabi residency visa. This document must be valid. You can give a copy verse to them, but must be valid!
A passport photo
Your international driving license in one copy and original
Your driving license in arabic translation
Your passport in one copy and original
A letter of no objection from visa sponsor or your employer
Eye test certificate
This test can be done at any hospital in UAE. Give your passport photos and tell them that you need this test for driving license. Eye test can be done in some optical store like Yateem Optician. They will upload the result on your behalf.

2. Go to Abu Dhabi Driving License Department
This department located in 2nd Al Dhafra Street, opposite Mushrif Mall, Al Mushrif. You can enter to this building from 7.30 am until 14.30 am on a working day. 

3. Fill up all application form carefully
4. Submit all your documents 
5. Write your signed in all documents 
6. Collect your Abu Dhabi driving license

The Validity of The driving License is 5 years.

You can apply for UAE driving license online too. I will post in separate article soon.

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