Friday 9 March 2018

HOW TO ORDER AN AMAZON PRODUCT AND GET IT DELIVERED IN UAE is one of favorite overseas retailer in the United Arab Emirates. In Amazon, you can get all that you want such as computers, toys, DVDs, kitchen ware, electronics, books, apparel, etc. Then, Amazon can ship your products to UAE. There is which is own by amazon and provide some products of amazon global. But it has quite expensive shipping cost. So some expat still prefer to order some products from Amazon directly. Most of expat choose Amazon UK or USA.

How To Order Product From Amazon
Before you’re ready for shipping your product from, first you have to know the exact steps to buy your product. Here some steps that you can try, included :

1. Instead of going to the Amazon USA page, try using Amazon’s International homepage. Thought it pretty hard to navigate those page, so just bookmark those page so you can open it another time. Start your product searches from there, and find items that you need. 

2. Amazon will tell you what items that are eligible to be delivered to the UAE, by set up your 1-click address. Go to Manage Shipping Addresses and add your new default UAE address, then make sure you have turned on your 1-click address so that Amazon will only show you items that can be shipped to UAE.

3. Make sure your items are legally allowed to be transported, so you don’t have to return it or get some shipping charges. 

There are items that can’t be shipped from, such as :
Guns, real or replicas
Tear gas or pepper spray
Drugs that include Human Growth Hormone, synthetic, or steroids
Lottery tickets
Gun power, flares or matches
Perishable foods 
Skin or leathers of animals
Live or dead animals
and other product that can be dangerous to be shipped and easy to damage, etc.

In general, you can buy products such as apparel, electronic, computer, books, etc that can’t be damaged by simple shipping to UAE. This is some tutorials to buy a certain item, such as shoes for women. I’ve want to buy a pair of boots shoes for women.
First, go to, and sign in with your account. If you have no account, then make new account and fill the data information from your profile.
Then go to your bookmarked Amazon homepage, and type “Boots for Women” in the search bar.

Refine your search to only items that can be shipped to the UAE.

Choose one of shoes that you like, and look at the details of the items. Make sure that your items ships to United Arab Emirates.

Choose your payment method and purchase your item.
You can wait for your item delivered to your home

Shipping Cost And Tax
Standard shipping cost you can get from buy 1 item product is from 10-40 AED, which still cheap enough to buy. Meanwhile, import taxes on the item that you purchased to UAE is between 0-100% with average 4-5%. But, you don’t have to worry about extra shipping charges because Amazon had added this taxes charges onto total price that you purchase. Also some items are eligible for duty-free import, so you can more relaxed. And take a note that your total shopping will be added 5% VAT in UAE.

You can choose you’re priority deliver shipping in Shipping Method. Every method has certain shipping period. The fastest method can take 2-5 days and the longest time can take 14-30 days. But you have to pay extra if you want it delivered faster.

Shipping Method
If you have some items that Amazon can’t ship to the UAE, you can using a third-party package forwarder. You can get your items from other party who can orders your items on your behalf, and reships your package to your country. It means that you buy their service to ship your Amazon items for you. Your forwarder most likely some of virtual USA shipping address that you can trusted. All you have to do is update your Amazon shipping address and sent to the forwarder’s address. Some of US address that recommended for you, such as :

This is the most popular shipping method among expat living in UAE. This company basically is Aramex, one of the most popular courier company in UAE. They will provide you 23 personalized physical addresses in many country including UAE once you registered with them. You need to pay 45 USD for basic membership plan. This fee is once for lifetime. You can download their App as well from your mobile phone. Available for Android and iOS user.

This is how to use it :
1. Sign up to become a member at
2. Once you log in, you’ll have access to 24 personalized Shop & Ship addresses globally, such as Amazon in USA.
3. Choose your favorite items, then buy it. Submit your address as your delivery address.
4. Then you can wait your package at home.
5. The package arrives at their warehouse to calculate your data
6. They will start to calculate your package depend on weight, then inspect the shipment, prepare documents for export, and sent you relevant fees for shipping package
7. After you transfer your shipping fees to their secure online payment service, they will send your package to your address.
With this information, you can get all the products you want in popular retailed US online Amazon, with low price, and easy to get, wherever and whenever you want it.

Another US virtual shipping address that you can used is Borderlinx. The company is a great Freight Forwarder service. It allows you to save on shipping cost, 24/7 customer support, repacking services, and express shipping service.

1. Register on Borderlinx Delivery Forwarding for free
2. After sign up with Borderlinx, your USA address will be sent via email to you immediately 
3. Start shopping on
4. Use your USA virtual address as the Shipping Address
5. Use your truly address in the United Arab Emirates as the Billing Address
6. After Amazon sent your order to your USA address, Borderlinx will inform you when your products or purchase arrive. 
7. If your purchase has arrived, sign into your Borderlinx account. On your account, you'll see the tax, shipping and also duties cost of your shipping to your truly address in the United Arab Emirates.
8. Process your purchase shipment. 
9. Don't forget to choose "shipment value protection" option
10. Select your shipping service and pay Borderlinx for the tax, shipping and duties cost
11. Wait your package at your home in UAE

Planet Express gives you solution to international shipping. Buy and purchase your product from any online retailers such Amazon, and shipped the packages to your Planet Express address. They’ll consolidate your packages and ship them to you using huge discount.

Planet Express gives you benefits that ease you to get your items, included :
- Gives you best savings up to 80% for shipping rates 
- Online ease access to your own account 
- Free photo of package and label, so you can more sure about originality of your package  
- Secure packing for safety of your items until delivered safely to your home 
- No hidden fees, so you can be more ease for payment 
- Gives you friendly service  

This is how to do it :
1. Sign up with a package forwarder. Open an account at Planet Express will repack and combine your shipments, so you can ship your multiple items at once, and get your low price shipping cost.
2. Update your Amazon shipping address to the package forwarders's address, and you can buy your items at their USA warehouse.
3. Amazon will send your products to your US address in their warehouse.
4. They will send your products to you in UAE through package companies.
5. Shipping price from USPS, DHL, or FedEX is very low. You can look their discounts

That will work same on eBay or any other international online shop as well. So...enhoy shopping.

Please take a note, that you need to pay 5% VAT from your total shopping when they courier company deliver your packages. This is an import product tax.

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