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In the 166-year history of World Expo's, Expo 2020 Dubai as the "main face" of the largest global seeker job to be staged in the Africa, Middle East and South Asia, will be host city to looking for the magnificent world-class talent and welcome applicants from all around the world. This Expo becomes one of the great bridge for whoever want to create their future, connecting their ideas and their minds into the world. It seems and reflects Expo 2020 Dubai's main theme: "connecting minds and creating the future" with subthemes, "mobility, sustainability and opportunity". So, if you want to be one of the candidates, you must absolutely remember and note this opportunity into your dream job lists. Hurry up!

Pavilion Mobility EXPO 2020 Dubai

There are plenty jobs on Expo 2020 in Dubai that you can find. Some opportunities such as tourism, real estate, hospitality and construction. Other prospect jobs are pharmaceutical, retail, tax, human resources fields, boutique investment firms, hospitality, finance and legal. Furthermore, some contracts which worth million dollars will be opened in this Expo. It means that you can worth billion dirham. Really tasty, right?

Expo 2020 Dubai brings some opportunities for you to join the business team to take place in South Asia, Africa and Middle East. So, if you want to be part of their dynamic team, apply many job opportunities on Expo 2020 Dubai now. So, how to apply job vacancies at Expo 2020 Dubai?

Open Expo 2020 Dubai Careers Portal

This is the first step that you must do to apply job vacancies at Expo 2020 Dubai. Open Expo 2020 Dubai website : Do register and becomes member or participant. After that, you must log out and log in again. On its website you can find many buttons such as home, dashboard include dashboard, mailbox, my applications, interview invites, and my account. Also, you can find "search opportunities" button for search job that you want to apply. This point has search opportunities, advanced search, saved searches, and my saved jobs. "Post your CV" point has "my CV" button so you can upload your newer and update CV to this website.

By the way, when you open this website, the "Advanced Opportunity Search" page will be open to you directly. You can search any specific job by using some filters on this page. There are some opportunities information that you must fill so you can find the specific job that you want to apply.

a. Fill the keywords
First step that you must do when "advanced opportunity search" page open are easy. You must fill the keywords in "fill the keywords" option. There are three choice that you must choose. All word, any word, exact order or boolean. If you want to see all jobs and choose later, you can click all word or any word option , but if you just want to know the specific job, you can click exact order.

b. Select the "opportunity place"
In this option, you can see many countries from all anglophone countries, all arab countries, all eastern european  countries, all gcc countries and all western european countries. Select one country that you want and do the next step.

c. Gender
If you want to see all jobs that have no selected specific gender, you can select "any" option on "gender" button. But, if you want to see job with selected specific gender, select male or female option.

d. Minimum Monthly Salary
This is one of the important point that you must fill in this page. Minimum monthly salary that you can select are from AED 1,836 until 183,650. It means in US dollar, you can get USD 500.01 until USD 50,014.69 per month.

e. Career level
The other important point is carrier level. Select one of three points on "carrier level" option. Entry level, associate, mid senior level, director or executive level. Some jobs which need mid senior level such as manager of telecommunications, senior manager for volunteer operations, data scientist, workforce systems, learning and development, workforce, and uniforms. Manager of telecommunications responsible for well operation telecommunications service including managing data, video, voice and wireless. Senior manager in volunteer operations will concept of operations for the House of Volunteers, fit out and manage the design while in learning and development, the senior manager will execute, plan, and check the learning and development program. Data scientist must do statistical analysis, apply data mining, and build prediction systems with high quality. Furthermore, other same level belong to assistant manager of environment, portfolio risk management, and also for higher carrier level like director. Director means you must give strategic direction, supervision and responsible for concessions program. The other carrier level such as associate for admin officer to support marketing and give coördination, also to be developer for enterprise solution to service, consult, and deliver technical development on enterprise solutions.

f. Employment status
In employment status, you can select one from two points between "no preference" or "part-time". If you want to do "part-time job" you can choose "part-time" option and if you want to do full-time job, you must choose "no preference".

g. Opportunity information
There are three points that you can select. Students and grads openings, job openings, and volunteer openings.

h. Job post language
The last point that you must thick is "job post language". You can choose "no preference", "arabic only" or "english only".

After all options on this "opportunity information" selected, you can click "search" button to know what jobs that you can apply on Expo 2020 Dubai. Furthermore, on this website, you can post your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and saved your searches job. You can open "My Saved Jobs" menu again on another day and start to sent your application when you ready.
In addition, because of Expo 2020 Dubai is a spectacular event for seeker job, you have opportunities to meet new people from all around the world, taught you to be open-minded people and strengthen your carrier by give and share your knowledge, ambitions, and ideas to their team.

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