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Dubai, is one of the world's most popular tourist destination visited annually. The city offers many interesting attractions and sightseeing such as the Dubai Creek, Burj Al Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. Do not forget the Dubai Mall with the famous and greatest aquarium in the world. In addition, you can visit the Dancing Fountain, Dubai Museum, or Desert Safari. Backpacking or travelling Dubai will be fun and awesome, but it is expensive! You must use some travel-hacks to go to this heck city. While this country is expensive for the average backpacker like you, you've got to do the unusual tips to see Dubai on a budget.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Tours - How to Sleep There

One of the good things about Dubai from an average budget or low-budget point of view is that you can get cheap also luxury accommodation in this lovely city. The best cheap accomodation in Dubai for average budget is hostel. The hostel scene is the best way for you to save your money while backpacking in Dubai. And amazingly - the hostel in Dubai have great quality and cheap in budget, so you won't disappointed to sleep there. Here are some hostels that have best price for you.

1. Top Hostel

Top Hostel is one of the best hostels that you can find in Dubai. This accommodation will be sweet choice for you. Top Hostel has some amazing views, nice services such as high-speed wi-fi, free breakfast dan 24 hour reception also quite luxurious for stay. From the 66th floor of the building, while you sleep in Top Hostel, you can see the astonishing views from Palm Jumeirah. With all the facilities, it seems that the Top Hostel can save your buck from degradation.

2. Backpacker 16 Hostel

Located in Capital Tower which is between Grand Millenium Hotels and Media Rotana, Tecom, right close to the downtown of Dubai, Backpacker 16 Hostel only 450 metres from the metro. You can walk to metro while seeing the sights and attractions that you can visit and shoot. Hostel accommodation offers room for men only, women only and mixture. You can find 4, 6, 8 to 10 mattress in one room. It's got a fast free Wi-Fi access. Also swimming pool on rooftop. Don't forget about sauna and gym, also kitchen and laundry. Yeah! You can cook by your self because Backpacker 16 Hostel have no free breakfast. All rooms have Air Conditioner, private key, also daily cleaning. Each bed space equipped with reading lights, power sockets, and privacy curtains.

3. Backpacker Al Karama Hostel

This Backpacker Hostel located in Sheikh Hamdan Colony, Building G3 behind Al Madina Supermarket, Al Karama. Same like Backpacker 16 Hostel, this hostel provides personal power socket, free Wi-Fi, and reading light for each bed space. In addition, the Hostel also offers a kitchen for cooking your own food while no free brekkie for you. But this is fairly stellar with the price tag.

4. Domme

Not just a hostel, you can also find some other less expensive lodging in Dubai such as cheap apartment, cheap domme, male bed space, ladies bed space, or three-star hotel. But for backpacker with an average budget, high-speed Wi-Fi, high comfortable beds, free delicious breakfast and free towels make domme will be an awesome place for you just in second you've landed in this city. Few bucks for staying in Domme while do awesome journey during in Dubai, can make your weekend and travelling in this city be more cozy and unforgettable.

Dubai Tours - Nol Card

One of the most the important and first things you must do as a backpacker tourist to have a trip around Dubai is buying Nol Card. This card is an electronic ticket card who designed by the Government of the United Emirates Arab in order to reduce  transaction and make it paperless. Nol card itself made for specific transactions like public transportation payments such as the Water Bus, City Bus, Tram, Metro and parking. You can get this Nol Card in ticket office at metro station, RTA customer service centers, bus stations, and installed ticket machines in shopping malls and some agents such as Spinney and Carefour. One thing that you've to remember is keep your Nol Card not empty. There are some variants of Nol Card that you can buy.

Nol Cards

1. Red Card
This card designed for you who travel in short times and will be expire in 90 days. The priced at only AED 2. Be aware with how many balance left in your card before you'll get penalty.

2. Blue Card
National ID and photograph of your self are two documents that you must prepare to get this card. But, blue card is only made for Dubai residents or local people so they can have access gold class in tram and metro. The price for blue card with expanse AED 70 include AED 20 for first fund. Blue card will be expire in five years.

3. Silver Card
If you are tourists, you can recharged up to AED 1000 for this card, so also residents. Silver card is valid until 5 years. You can get this card in ticket offices in metro stations or train, installed ticket machines in agent such as Carrefour or in all bus.

4. Gold Card
This card is same with silver card. This card sold at Metro stations. Another important information are different between gold card with silver card such as features and expanse fund. However, for those of you who are backpacker, then maybe you can downsize with walking distance to tourist attractions that you visit when there is too much.

So, if the places are too far away from your domme or hostel, you can use Metro. But however, for those of you who are backpacker, you better choose to walking down along to tourist destination that you want. 

Dubai Tours – Special things you've to do

1. Local Cuisine and Streets Tour in the Bur Dubai

The Bur Dubai is one of two views called Dubai Creek that divides this city. If you want to Bur Dubai Souq, you can start your trip from Al Ghubaiba bus station and walk for 20 minutes to this Dubai traditional market. You can get many traditional stuffs such as fabric, clothes, sandals, shoes and variety of handicrafts at lower prices as long as you're smart to bargaining those product with the seller.

For backpackers who only want to look around without being interested in buying some stuffs, Bur Dubai Souq have some amazing views to shoot such as beautiful carvings on wooden pillars and the architecture of the building which already hundreds years old. If you want to go to Deira on the other side of Dubai Creek, you can cross with a traditional ferry in Dubai, called Abra. Use your Nol Card to cross Dubai Creek with those Abra or Water Bus. The views over Dubai are great worth to catch with your camera eyes along your tour on Abra. In addition, you really must try some Middle Eastern food in Dubai, such as stack of naan with lamb and fresh seafood, or some Iranian, Pakistani, India and Lebanese food.

2. Explore history in Fahidi Fort, The Dubai Museum

Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum

If you're going to discover the real Dubai, you have to look the history of this city. So, the best place for you to start your history journey is Dubai Museum or Fahidi Fort and Bastakia Quarter. Dubai Museum built in 1787 for stronghold the invasion to United Arab Emirates. Located in Al Fahidi Street, this museum is the oldest building in Dubai. You can see some typical handicrafts from an ancient building and people's life in Dubai. To reach to Dubai Museum, you are only a short walk for 15 minutes from Dubai Creek to Al Fahidi Fort. Beside that, Bastakia Quarter is the best place to have to look beyond the towering skyscrapers and flashy malls. This Quarter built-in the 19th century by Persians.

3. Chill out the beach

Dubai is extremely wonderful to do some fun in beach such as wakeboarding, jogging, kite surfing, picnicking and jet-skiing. Some public beach such as Jumeirah Public Beach and JBR Beach have extra-long stretch with beautiful view for your instagrammable spots. From Jumeirah Public beach you can enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab, the seven star hotel. Walk toward that place for the close and best view. But you can not enter The Burj except you are staying in there or have a reservation in one of the restaurant in there. 

4. Enjoy underwater views in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has the world's largest aquarium in the world. This aquarium has beautiful underwater views and recorded by Guinness Book Record. To reach to Dubai Mall, you should take metro from Burjuman station to Dubai mall station. From this station, you can continue your trip on foot in just 10 minutes.

5. Enjoy The Skyline Tower, Burj Khalifa

When you visit Dubai Mall, you can go to the side of the mall toward Burj Al Khalifa. there you can enjoy the Burj Khalifa from outside just in front of you. If you have little extra budget, you can try to visit At The Top of Burj Khalifa. Book it from their official website in advance as the ticket price will be cheaper than if you buy it on the spot.

6. Watch The Beauty of Dubai Dancing Fountain

Dubai Fountain

While seeing The Burj, do not miss this moment to see Dancing Fountain just in front of The Burj. It's very amazing show and FREE. They will start at 1 pm and will play it as per the schedule below.

Show Schedule
Saturday to Thursday
1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM
Friday afternoon shows 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
Evening Shows 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM every 30 minutes

NEW: Step on board a unique viewing platform and get up close to the largest performing fountains in the world!

Entry to The Dubai Fountain’s latest experience is AED20 per person, and tickets are available at The Dubai Fountain Abra Tickets counter along the Waterfront Promenade.

7. Enjoy the desert

For backpackers, trip to Dubai is not complete without explore and enjoy the desert. There are two tips that you can do if you want to explore Dubai desert. First, if you have bit more bucks in your pocket, you can camping out under the night sky in Dubai with sign up some desert safari. Second, you can go to the desert with couch surfing buddies.

Very simply, right?
So, there you have it guys! Don’t worry, Dubai is extremely and completely safe for you, so you can travel to many spots in Dubai even though you’re on your own.

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Burj Khalifa
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